Audio of the NPR Interview (mp3)


On this page (the link above) I've placed for download an mp3 of sections of a November 12, 2005 NPR show, Perspectives with Curt Smith, broadcast from Rochester, NY, on which I was a guest and interviewee.  I've edited and spliced this version of the show to include the minute-long introduction and then to jump directly to the latter half of the show.  To download from this page, either click on the link above, or (preferably) right click on the link, then save the file to your computer.  Once you've done that, you should be able to play to file by double-clicking on it . . .

The show's write-up went online a couple of days before the show aired:


This week's "Perspectives" honors Veterans Day by saluting three great American generals who helped to win World War II.  Brown University historian Samuel Brenner recalls the beloved Dwight Eisenhower, who oversaw the D-Day 1944 Allied invasion, Operation Overlord, of Hitler's Europe.  Dr. Malcolm (Kip) Muir, Professor of Military History, Virginia Military Institute, details "Blood and Guts" -- George Patton, the incomparable leader of the U.S. Third Army.  Dr. Michael Schaller, Professor of History, University of Arizona, explores the equally theatric Douglas MacArthur, who said of the Phillipines, "I shall return" -- and did.  Three legendary military figures -- each helping to win perhaps America's most legendary war.  All this week -- on "Perspectives."